ThinkVirtues for Business

ThinkVirtues is proud to announce ThinkVirtues for Business! The timeless virtues we’ve espoused for families and schools are just as Skyline From Sidewalkrelevant for Corporate America. We never outgrow the foundational value of character, morals and virtues. Now businesses, large or small, can implement ThinkVirtues for Business in their workplace. With any skill it takes practice and purpose. That’s where ThinkVirtues comes in. Our tools help to transform the culture of any workplace. And research has proven that companies with happy, emotionally healthy employees are more productive, more efficient, experience less turnover and yield higher profits!

ThinkVirtues for Business benefits:

1. Happier, More Productive Workforce – Equip your employees with the tools to be more resilient, confident and happy.

2. Positive Culture – Transform your company culture to be more positive and team oriented.

3. Better Communication – Encourage more positive and effective communication.

4. Work/Life Balance – Empower people to be more present for themselves, their families and their work place.

5. More Focused Employees – Improve your employees’ ability to persevere and achieve their potential.

Presentation and Workshop Themes:

1. Unpacking Virtues & Character

How do I find and define my moral compass and how does it benefit me?

2. Work/Life Balance

Designing a happy and productive environment at work and at home.

3. Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Addressing your emotional health through the work of virtues.

4. Tolerance: More than just diversity.

The How and When

These workshops are customized for your workplace’s particular needs. The sessions are 90 minutes each and can be completed in one day or multiple days depending on the audience and need.


To learn more, email or call 773-236-1701 for more details and a customized quote.

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