Platinum Annual Subscription

$343.20 / year

Purchase our Platinum Annual Subscription for $343.20 / year (only $28.60 per month) and you will receive our first book, Eutopia: The Discovery, a set of Virtues Questions Cards and Children’s Workbook plus our monthly Special Edition Virtues Stone/Gem, the second Eutopia Book, The Return to Eutopia and be the first to receive the third book to be released later in 2016.


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Happy, Confident and Resilient kids don’t happen by accident. It takes intentionality. Just a few minutes a day prepares your child for the journey ahead. Our Annual Subscription offers that daily dose of virtue needed.

Purchase our Platinum Annual Subscription for $343.20 / year (only $28.60 per month) and you receive our most popular set of tools. It contains the most robust content and daily exercises for your child.

With the Platinum Annual Subscription you will receive:

  • (365) daily lessons emailed directly to you
  • Exclusive access to the member’s portal complete with courses and videos
  • A copy of the fantasy-fiction book, Eutopia: The Discovery
  • 52-card deck of the Virtues Questions Cards
  • Children’s workbook (printable PDF)
  • Monthly Special Edition Virtues Stone Stone/Gem
  • The second Eutopia Book, The Return to Eutopia
  • Be the first to receive the third book  to be released later in 2016
  • 15% discount on all ThinkVirtues merchandise
  • Regular communication about the Virtue of the Week, including the definition, a set of activities and additional resources for your family:

The Weekly Emails:

Day 1: The meaning and how to practice the Virtue
Day 2: The importance of the Virtue
Day 3: Visualization Day
Day 4: Link to Literature
Day 5: Creative Expression
Day 6: Family Activity
Day 7: Day of Reflection

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