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Fantasy fiction book, Eutopia: The Discovery and a deck of Virtues Question Cards to empower kids to be happy, confident and resilient.

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Buy both tools and save! Read how Kameron and Kyle protect Eutopia from Planet Vice and spend just a few minutes a day practicing the virtues from the book using the Virtue Question Cards.

Eutopia: The Discovery (“Eutopia” means “the perfect place” as opposed to “Utopia” which means “perfection beyond attainment”) is a fantasy fiction story of two boys who stumble across another world named Eutopia. As they arrive in this land, they come to realize that it has been destroyed by vice and greed. The boys must practice their virtues in order to awaken the guardians of Eutopia and restore this once perfect place. Through reading this series, children will feel empowered and see that they can make a positive difference in the world through practicing virtues.

Eutopia: The Discovery is the one of the tools of ThinkVirtues, a comprehensive program aiming to assist parents and educators in teaching children moral character. A bridge between a chapter and picture book, Eutopia: The Discovery engages, entertains and empowers children while teaching them the value of virtues such as compassion, helpfulness, courage and empathy.

“This is one of those rare gems that come around every once in a while. Every parent and teacher should have a copy of this book in his or her home or classroom. This wasn’t just a beautifully written and illustrated book. From a teacher’s perspective it was a wonderful book to have on my shelves. It started conversations with my sixth graders who didn’t know what virtues were. It seems they are no longer taught in elementary schools and many parents don’t teach them either.” – Sandra Stiles

Classic, hardcover book that is large enough to read with your children. 11″ x 8″
Virtues Question Cards

This deck of 52 cards are designed for the classroom and home alike. They help you and your children understand what virtues are and how to practice them. The front of each card explains each virtue and a relevant quote related to that virtue. The reverse side features discussion questions, time of reflection and real-life scenarios. These cards foster meaningful discussions between parents and children about the importance of moral behavior.

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