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Founded in 2011 by sisters, Kathy and Sara Motlagh, ThinkVirtues empowers children to be confident, happy individuals who make a positive impact in their world. Our mission is to foster character and moral development within children from 4 to forever! Our comprehensive set of products equips parents and educators with the tools they need to cultivate a moral foundation based upon timeless virtues such as respect, courage, empathy and confidence.

The program is comprised of following tools:

Eutopia book series

The first in the series, Eutopia: The Discovery, is a fantasy fiction story of two boys who stumble across another world named Eutopia. As they arrive in this land, they come to realize that it has been destroyed by vice and greed. The boys must practice their virtues in order to awaken the guardians of Eutopia and restore this once perfect place. A bridge between a chapter and picture book, Eutopia engages, entertains and empowers children while teaching them the value of virtues.

Virtues Question Cards

This deck of 52 cards are designed for the classroom and home alike. They help children understand what virtues are and how to practice them. The front of each card explains each virtue and a relevant quote related to that virtue. The reverse side features discussion questions, time of reflection and real-life scenarios. These cards foster meaningful discussions between parents and children about the importance of moral behavior.

Virtue of the Week Annual/Monthly Subscription –

The email subscription provides parents robust content and daily exercises to reinforce the Virtue of the Week. It provides a thorough and complete framework to foster discussion, time of reflection, creative expression and real-life scenarios.

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