Transform Your School’s Culture

When students are happy, confident and resilient, they treat each other well. They treat their teachers with respect. And they have the focus and determination to excel with their classwork. And our program can contribute to a decrease in bullying. Students learn tolerance, empathy and respect. These virtues act as a proactive and reactive approach to bullying.

Our program has been adopted in various school settings encompassing students ranging from kindergarten to middle school. The tools have been developed by a team of accomplished educators with 300 years of combined experience in public and private education backgrounds. Implementing the program begins with an in-person, or virtual training session with ThinkVirtues’ co-founders, Sara and Kathy Motlagh. Each teacher will receive the ThinkVirtues curriculum binder, fantasy fiction book, Eutopia: The Discovery and a deck of Virtues Question Cards.


  • Reduced Behavioral Problems
  • Increase in Emotional Intelligence
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Bully Prevention
  • Simple and Easy-to-Use
  • Inexpensive Yet Effective
  • Flexible
  • Common Language


Transform Your School’s Culture

The ThinkVirtues program only requires a few minutes of the school day to cultivate timeless virtues and to increase your students’ emotional intelligence. It is a complete and thorough framework to foster discussion, reflection, creative expression and navigation of real-world scenarios.

  • Reduced behavioral problems – Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) has been proven to reduce behavioral thinkvirtues_homepage_slider_images_04issues and to foster a better school atmosphere.
  • Increase in emotional intelligence – Children learn to better identify, understand and healthily express their emotions. They also experience an increase in respect and empathy for their peers and adults.
  • Conflict Resolution – Your students learn how to tactfully and peacefully resolve conflict with others and with those in authority.
  • Bully prevention – Living in a connected world has also increased the number of ways bullying can permeate your child’s daily routine. ThinkVirtues offers a proactive and reactive approach to prevent this from happening.
  • Simple and easy-to-use – The Virtues Question Cards guide you through a short daily discussion on the virtue of the week.
  • Inexpensive yet effective – Each teacher is provided with the necessary tools they need to seamlessly integrate the program into their class for a one-time fee of $225 per educator.
  • Flexible – Tools allow teachers to address an issue in real-time with the Virtues Question Cards. This generates timely discussions among your students and really drives the point home.
  • Common language – Teachers and students build a common language that facilitates communication around mutually beneficial expectations. Paired with a ThinkVirtues Night for parents, you create an environment of mutual respect and empathy.

Respect increases. Empathy increases. Grades improve. Bullying decreases.

The ThinkVirtues team can also host a ThinkVirtues Night for parents, where they introduce the program to parents and get them on board to increase its efficacy.

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