Making the Family Dynamic, Dynamic

The characteristics that define a dynamic family include love, care, compassion, courtesy, honesty, and trust. Families that use ThinkVirtues foster these virtues in the home. It is in these environments children thrive and build a foundation that caBridget Chavez testimonial for ThinkVirtuesrries them through life’s journey. Happy, confident and resilient kids are better prepared for friendships, school and eventually, their career.

Building a dynamic family takes effort though. Being proactive is required. Intentionality is a must. Carving out 5-10 minutes a day instills values in your kids you are sure to see. Children learn by doing, learning and by example. It is up to us to teach our children how to be virtuous in all that they do.

The dynamic family…

  • Stronger familial bond
  • Role Modeling
  • Instill Values
  • Common Language
  • Solidify Character
  • Abstract to Concrete
  • Bully Prevention
  • Simple and Easy-to-Use
  • Increase in Emotional Intelligence
  • Maximize Teachable Moments
  • Inexpensive Yet Effective

Little boy holding mom's handHow your family benefits…

  • Stronger familial bond – This time together cultivates a deep, meaningful interaction between you and your child. The time spent together naturally improves communication and enriches the dialogue in other areas of your family’s life.
  • Role Modeling – They get a chance to learn from your experiences and hear directly from your heartfelt sharing.
  • Instill values – Your children learn the values that are important to you. You are the biggest influence in their life.
  • Common language – Your family begins to build a common language that facilitates communication around mutually beneficial expectations of behavior.
  • Solidify character – Parents hope their children will make wise choices. Instilling this solid foundation within your child will help ensure they will make sound behavioral decisions when they are out on their own.
  • Abstract to Concrete – Telling our children to “be good” is an abstract concept. ThinkVirtues provides the vocabulary to transform the abstract concepts of expected behavior into concrete concepts for your child to comprehend and live.
  • Bully prevention – Living in a connected world has also increased the number of ways bullying can permeate your child’s daily routine. ThinkVirtues offers a proactive and reactive approach to prevent this from happening.
  • Simple and easy-to-use – The tools easily guide you through a short daily discussion on the virtue of the week.
  • Increase in emotional intelligence – Children learn to better identify, understand and healthily express their emotions. They also experience an increase in respect and empathy for their peers and adults.
  • Maximize teachable moments – The tools allow you to address issues in real-time with the Virtues Question Cards. They create teachable moments with your children and solidify the lessons over time.
  • Inexpensive yet effective – You are provided with the tools you need to seamlessly integrate the program into your daily life.

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