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As a homeschooler, you are seek to provide a holistic education that caters to the whole child: mind, body and soul. Our program provides the tools to help your students to become well-rounded individuals who excel.

The curriculum includes the exciting fantasy fiction book, Eutopia: The Discovery, a deck of 52 Virtues Question Cards and our new email subscription program and exclusive member’s portal. The curriculum has been developed by a team of educators with 300 years of combined experience in parochial, private and public education settings. ThinkVirtues has been used by kids ranging from kindergarten to middle school.


  • Simple and Easy-to-Use
  • Inexpensive Yet Effective
  • Instill Values
  • Solidify Character
  • Maximize Teachable Moments
  • Common Language
  • Increase in Emotional Intelligence


Bookshelf-Large-LRThe advantages of integrating ThinkVirtues into your curriculum include:

  • Simple and easy-to-use – The daily emails guide you through a short daily discussion on the virtue of the week.
  • Inexpensive yet effective – You are provided with the necessary tools to seamlessly integrate the program at a very cost effective price of $99.99 per year (introductory price).
  • Instill values – Your children learn the values that are important to you. You are the biggest influence in their life.
  • Solidify character – Parents hope their children will make wise choices. Instilling this solid foundation within your child will help ensure they will make sound behavioral decisions when they are out on their own.
  • Maximize teachable moments – The tools allow you to address issues in real-time with the Virtues Question Cards. They create teachable moments with your children and solidify the lessons over time.
  • Common language – Teachers and students build a common language that facilitates communication around mutually beneficial expectations.
  • Increase in emotional intelligence – Children learn to better identify, understand and healthily express their emotions. They also experience an increase in respect and empathy for their peers and adults.

Just a few minutes a day prepares your students for the journey ahead!

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