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Girl-Smiling-As-Leaves-Fall-LRResearch shows the higher our emotional intelligence the higher one’s confidence, satisfaction, success and happiness in life. Our emotions have the power to positively or negatively affect every aspect of our lives. This is where ThinkVirtues comes in. Our program equips parents and teachers with the tools they need to increase their child’s emotional intelligence. As a result their self-confidence improves, they combat bullying (proactively and
reactively) and actively engage both hemispheres of their brain.

Children learn to better identify, understand and healthily express their emotions. They also experience an increase in respect and empathy for their peers and adults. By engaging with our program, children are awakened to their own strengths, improve their interpersonal relationships and they are inspired to make a positive impact in our world.

Virtues are learned. It is up to us to teach our children how to be virtuous in all that they do.

The curriculum was developed by sisters, Kathy and Sara Motlagh, along with the ThinkVirtues ThinkTank. Our ThinkTank brings over 300 years of combined educational and child development experience. They have reviewed and enriched our materials to ensure they are sound and effective.

Just a few minutes a day has a tremendous impact on inspiring virtuous behavior in your children and increasing their emotional intelligence.




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