Being honorable means to live with virtue and always pay attention to what you know is right. There may be people who try to tempt you into doing things that you know are wrong; when you practice honor, you tell them “no.” When you honor your family, you live your life according to the values  that align with your family’s rules. An honorable person can be trusted with anything!

The practice of honor meme

This is just a small sample of what you will receive each week with our Annual Subscription program. Each day of every week you will receive an email about the Virtue of the Week as well as exclusive access to the subscriber’s portal with additional resources for you and your family.

Each week you will receive:

Day 1: The meaning and how to practice the Virtue
Day 2: The importance of the Virtue
Day 3: Visualization Day
Day 4: Link to Literature
Day 5: Creative Expression
Day 6: Family Activity
Day 7: Day of Reflection


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