Why is it called ThinkVirtues?
The name was chosen to reference the mental component of virtue education. It requires the mind to learn and apply the virtues as well as the mental “workout” derived from moral development.ThinkVirtues logo silhouette

Who is the program created for?
ThinkVirtues is designed for any parent, homeschooler or educator that wants to help children be happy, resilient and confident.

What resources does ThinkVirtues offer?
For Parents and Homeschoolers, the program is comprised of the fantasy fiction Eutopia book series, Virtues Question Cards, and an exciting new tool, our Virtue of the Week subscription program complete with an exclusive subscriber’s portal. The subscription program provides a complete and thorough framework to foster discussion, time of reflection, creative expression and navigate real-world scenarios.

For Educators and Schools, the program begins with an in-person, or virtual, training session. Teachers also receive the ThinkVirtues curriculum binder, a copy of Eutopia: The Discovery book and a deck of 52 Virtues Question Cards.

Why were these 52 Virtues chosen?
The 52 virtues were drawn from a cross-section of various philosophies and religions. Their timeless nature was essential to demonstrate their proven value.

Is ThinkVirtues a religious program?
ThinkVirtues does not support or advocate any specific religion but espouses the virtues common to many walks of faith and philosophies.

Why teach virtues? What’s the benefit?
Moral development has been shown to engage the left and right hemispheres of a child’s brain. It requires logic and reasoning as well as holistic thinking, visualizations and feelings. This provides a mental “workout” essential for a child’s developing mind.

Light bulb icon with heart insideWhat is the advantage to using ThinkVirtues?
There are many benefits to using ThinkVirtues not found elsewhere. ThinkVirtues utilizes the latest developments in neuroscience to increase your child’s emotional intelligence and engage both sides of their mind. Our program develops character, offers a proactive and reactive approach to bullying and instills values. It’s simple and easy to use, inexpensive yet effective and a flexible addition to your already busy life.

Who created ThinkVirtues?
ThinkVirtues was founded by sisters, Kathy and Sara Motlagh. Kathy is the author and creative force behind ThinkVirtues. Sara is an experienced teacher based in Illinois. The curriculum was developed by a team of professionals with over 300 years of combined experience in child development and education.

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