Cook With Your Kids

Cook With Your Kids

As a parent you already know you have the world’s toughest “job”. Raising kids is a rewarding yet challenging endeavor that requires all of you, day in and day out. You strive to provide your kids the best life has to offer. An effort to raise happy, confident, and successful kids it takes time, most importantly quality time. Harvard researchers have concluded that raising good kids doesn’t happen by accident. It requires intentionality to develop great kids and nurture the familial bond.

Quality time is so essential in child rearing. Research shows time and time again that parents are a child’s biggest influence. Parents are the de facto role model and provide the example on how to love, show compassion, deal with conflict and communicate. To help you increase and improve the time you spend with your children, Raddish and ThinkVirtues have teamed up to provide 3 simple ways to share quality time with your kids!

1. Cook Together

Preparing and sharing a meal together yields a host of benefits for you and your family. By participating in the process, kids are more likely to eat healthier – even choosing green veggies and good-for-you grains. You are also instilling the virtues of independence, cooperation, confidence, responsibility and creativity. This quality time together strengthens your family bond. But most important, cooking together is fun and delicious!Raddish Kid with Whisk

Raddish delivers exciting cooking kits each month for you and your family to enjoy. Every kit inspires families to make memories cooking and eating together. Each month you’ll receive a themed kit that includes 3 illustrated recipe guides, a skill card, creative activities, a shopping list, a table talk conversation deck and an iron-on Raddish patch. Cooking is a rich sensory activity that excites all five senses and builds a foundation for a lifelong love of cooking. It’s a tactile experience that supports a host of academic skills from math and science to geography and culture. Raddish helps families develop a new appreciation for food and the experience of preparing it.

2. Read Together

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, reading together promotes brain development. And children who are read to experience stronger parent-child relationships and learn valuable language and literacy skills. Other research shows brain areas supporting mental imagery were positively developed. Reading together helps your child ‘see the story’ beyond the pictures, enhancing the ability to imagine.

To awaken your child’s imagination, discover Eutopia: The Discovery! This fantasy fiction book tells the story of two boys who stumble across another world named Eutopia. As they arrive in this land, they come to realize that it has Family reading Eutopia The Discoverybeen destroyed by vice and greed. The boys must practice their virtues in order to awaken the guardians of Eutopia and restore this once perfect place. A bridge between a chapter and picture book, Eutopia engages, entertains and empowers children while teaching them the value of virtues such as compassion, helpfulness, courage and empathy.

3. Serve Together

Family activities have a way of solidifying life’s lessons within our children. As we know, volunteering can be a fun and rewarding activity. Utilizing your new skills, you can exemplify the virtues you’ve learned in Eutopia: The Discovery and prepare a Raddish meal for someone less fortunate. Volunteering lets your kids see the virtues of service, empathy, kindness and humility in action only helps to solidify it in them. So find a local soup kitchen, needy neighbor, or food pantry where you can use your skills for others, together.


About Raddish—

Raddish is a monthly cooking club for kids! Created with a mission of bringing families together in the kitchen and at the table, each monthly thematic cooking kit takes the guesswork out of cooking with kids while creating delicious kitchen memories along the way. Raddish is designed by a team of educators and chefs who believe the kitchen classroom is the tastiest place to learn


About ThinkVirtues—

ThinkVirtues empowers children to be happy, confident and resilient! ThinkVirtues provides a complete set of tools, endorsed by experienced educators and child development specialists, so you can establish the right foundation in your child. Created for ages 4 to forever, children who’ve used ThinkVirtues are happier, more confident and resilient individuals who excel in the classroom, family, friendships and beyond! Just a few minutes a day prepares your child for the journey ahead.






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