What if you knew there was a tool that could help your child become happier, more confident, and resilient – in as little as 15 minutes a day?

Introducing ThinkVirtues™, the simple and effective system of tools that help you teach the meaning and importance of virtues – like honesty, compassion, and respect.

Virtues are strong, desirable character traits that we strive to pass on to our children. Although our research has found that there are roughly 300 virtues, here are a sampling of the 56 virtues that we at ThinkVirtues™ focus on: respect, honesty, confidence, courage, compassion, thankfulness, and perseverance.

Using the ThinkVirtues™ System, kids develop an understanding of these foundational concepts through discussions of how each virtue is practiced and exploration on why each one is so valuable. As a result, they’re given the opportunity to shape their moral compass and become better equipped to handle the challenges life has to offer.

The complete ThinkVirtues™ System includes the Eutopia book series, daily email content, printable PDFs, and access to an online portal of resources.

The simple format makes it easy to take ThinkVirtues™ anywhere – from the car to the dinner table. And best of all, because these tools are designed for adults and children to use together, they enable you to spend quality time building bonds and strengthening your relationship.

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The Bronze Monthly Membership includes daily lessons emailed directly to you, access to Member’s portal and the Children’s Workbook.

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The Gold Annual Membership includes everything from our Monthly Membership plus our first book, Eutopia: The Discovery, a set of Virtues Questions Cards and Children’s Workbook.

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$343.20 / year

The Platinum Annual Membership includes everything from the Gold Membership plus our monthly Special Edition Virtues Stone/Gem, the second Eutopia Book and be the first to receive the third book to be released later this year.

ThinkVirtues "Smile"

ThinkVirtues "Smile" encapsulates what we do for your kids and your family. Here's to empowering kids to be happy, confident and resilient!

SamuelSamuelThinkVirtues Student
“I am more conscientious of my feelings towards people and the way I treat them and I treat myself.”
Robert FrolickRobert FrolickParent & Teacher
I love the Virtues Question Cards and my kids do, too!
Maria CzenkoMaria CzenkoParent
Thank you for creating this product. I have noticed such a tremendous change in my son's behavior.I recommend you to every parent I meet.
Dr. Gretchen LudwigDr. Gretchen LudwigEducator
This is the best program for children. I recommend it to all of my teachers.

ThinkVirtues™ For Business

Did you know that researchers have found a direct relationship between happiness and productivity in the workplace?

Is it any surprise that happy employees are more creative, collaborative, and productive? Naturally, they’re also better at dealing with stress, making decisions, and managing their time. It just makes sense.

The real question is: What can you do to foster a work environment that is positive and conducive to happiness?

Enter ThinkVirtues, the simple and effective system of tools that helps empower your employees to be more confident, communicative, and optimistic — through the lens of virtues — desirable character traits, like honesty, compassion, and respect.

The ThinkVirtues system has proven to be a powerful and effective tool in educational settings for year, and we’re thrilled to introduce customized offerings for the business world.

Through our workshops and learning system, let us help transform your company culture toward the positive and productive. After all, even in the 21st-century workplace, the most important operating system is still a strong system of virtues.

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