ThinkVirtues empowers Happy, Confident and Resilient kids!

ThinkVirtues gives you a complete set of tools, endorsed by experienced educators and child development specialists, so you can establish the right foundation in your child.

ThinkVirtues was created for ages 4 to forever!


Children who’ve used ThinkVirtues are happier, more confident and resilient individuals who excel in the classroom, family, friendships and beyond!

Backed by years of research, our program enables both parents and teachers to foster character and moral development within children.

Why ThinkVirtues

We all want our children to be Happy, Confident and Resilient who become successful in all they do. 

 How do we prepare them for the journey ahead?

Day after day our children are bombarded with peer pressure, pressure to achieve, bullying, negative images from the media to name a few.

Parents, character is something that is taught and modeled. Children learn by doing and by example. It is up to us to teach our children how to be virtuous in all that they do.

Resilient kids don’t happen by accident. It takes intentionality. Just a few minutes a day prepares your child for the journey ahead.

Learning From the Best

Founded in 2011, ThinkVirtues has been employed in homes and schools across the country. Our comprehensive set of tools equip parents and educators with the tools they need to cultivate a moral foundation based upon timeless virtues such as respect, courage, empathy and confidence.

The program is based upon 52 virtues drawn from a cross section of philosophies and religions. It is a secular approach that does not espouse any particular religion or philosophy but derives the foundational truths found in many. Families that have used the program experience meaningful, quality time with their children, instill timeless values, make abstract concepts concrete, and take a proactive approach to parenting.


“I am more conscientious of my feelings towards people and the way I treat them and I treat myself.”


I love the Virtues Question Cards and my kids do, too!

Robert Frolick

Thank you for creating this product. I have noticed such a tremendous change in my son’s behavior.

I recommend you to every parent I meet.

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